The top 25 shark movies

Shark movies appear to fill a deep psychological need in human beings, becoming so popular they are now a genre in their own right. Experts are fighting a losing battle to counteract the shark’s rep as a prehistoric killing machine – in reality, these fish generally only bite humans by accident, mistaking them for seals etc. I’m not sure how much of a comfort this is to their victims, though ('If it’s any consolation, he wouldn’t have liked the taste of your legs. He probably spat them out.).

How believable is the shark? Not at all. It jumps out out of the ocean and eats an airplane, then takes a bite of the Golden Gate Bridge.
Any distinguishing characteristics? A strange diet and super-size.
Who’s on the menu? Basically everything and anyone that comes in his path.

This is a bad movie. The plot barely goes beyond what’s contained in the title. But I will say that it contains perhaps the most deliciously dumb scene in monster movie history. Whereas other films dance around the massive monsters’ existence, only coyly revealing its power, Mega-Shark vs. Giant Octopus gets right to the point. In the shark’s grand entrance, we see an airplane soaring through a turbulent sky, when it gets struck by lightning. Startled, a man on the plane seems to blame the flight attendant for the inclimate weather, justifying his short-temper by letting her know he’s getting married in two days—a stilted piece of character development dialogue. His next line is “Holy shit!” And that is because he sees Mega-Shark, soaring roughly 30,000 feet in the air to snatch a wing and drag the plane into the ocean. Here’s the other good thing about the movie: it stars former dream boat Lorenzo Lamas, who is now known as Lorenzo Lamas-Craig because his fourth and sixth wife are named Shauna and Shawna. Shauna kept Lamas as her surname and Shawna didn’t want to share phonetics with Shauna, so here we are. Neat right?